The Executive Board

Jeff Salkeld


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I’m pleased, proud and sometimes somewhat astonished to say that I have been a firefighter for 19 years. Starting in Langdon as a volunteer in 1997, having just moved to the community, I wanted to get involved and help where I could. Pursuing training via the Calgary Regional Emergency Services Training Group, between raising a family, a full-time career and volunteer firefighting, I obtained my 1001-2 seals December of 2005. I was glad to be offered a full-time position July 2008 and in December of 2013 received my 1021-2 certification. Somewhere along that path I also obtained 1041-2 certification.

Interest in the IAFF led me to be acclaimed as Secretary of Local 4794 in September 2013. The following year I successfully ran for the President’s position and was then re-elected in September 2016. I learned early to “always leave things better than you found them” and “bring solutions, not just the problem”. I enjoy improving anything I can, if I can; from furniture to vehicles to organizations. My 30+ years working up the energy industry ladder from Operator to Director have grown and solidified my appreciation for all the roles it takes to make any venture successful. No matter how you analyze it though, nothing is accomplished without people. As union leaders, we have one asset; people. Our brother and sister coworkers deserve honest leadership through diligent service. I’m happy to be here and provide the best I can while we grow the next wave of successors dedicated to democratic reform and social justice.

We are a new but not a small Local in comparison to the other seventeen Alberta Affiliates. We are one of only four in the province with part-time members. That our executive board continues to get stronger and deeper with every addition and change is encouraging and hopeful!

Jeff Salkeld

Steve Kolwalski

1st Vice President

Chad Peacock

2nd Vice President

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The things I love the most in life I found in a little town just north of the arctic circle called Inuvik, that’s really were it all started for me.

I moved up there in 2004 and little did I know it then; I met the wonderful woman who is now my wife and mother of our 3 children. In 2005 I joined the Inuvik Volunteer Fire Dept. and was hooked from day one. When I moved back to Alberta to pursue my firefighting career I landed a job with Rocky View in 2008 and the rest they say is history.

My involvement in the Local started with me stepping in to a shop steward role because I wanted to be more involved and educated in what was going on and help where I could. When I ran for 2nd VP I wanted to play a bigger part in the day to day activities of the local and be more visible representative for our part time members in Labour/Management.

One of my main roles is the Community Event Coordinator; my aim is to let the residents know who we are and that we are here for them on or off duty as well as create events for our members to get together and build a stronger, united local.

Thank you for the opportunity I am proud to serve.

Chad Peacock

Matt McLane


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I was raised in a small rural community that believed in hard work, integrity and community. My path in the fire service has been based on these core pillars. I started as a green, volunteer firefighter with Rocky View County in 2009. I have always had a keen interest in the fire service and set my goal to be a full-time firefighter. I realized quickly that the road to achieving this goal would be a challenge. After competing my Bachelor of Science and a number of fire service education programs, I would realize my aspirations. In June of 2015 I was successful in obtaining a temporary full-time firefighter position with Rocky View County. This position matured in to a posting as a full-time firefighter with the County.

It was along this path that I became more involved with the local and started to see my interest peak in local politics. My 10 years of experience within the oil and gas industry, and as a business owner, has proven to be a great fit in the day to day operation of a union local. I am a firm believer in the mentality “if it’s dirty, clean it up, if it’s broke, fix it” and to leave situations better than you found them in.

The growth of our local has been astonishing to watch. The best asset an organization can have is its people and we have very strong people! I have watched our local grow into a group that recognizes this and works to benefit its membership at every opportunity. Our local has also blossomed into an organization that intensely supports its community. I am proud and honoured that I am able to serve amongst, and for, those that have honesty, integrity and an unprecedented level of determination.

Matt McLane

Bill Wohl


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T: 403 369 2319

My firefighting career began in October of 1991 as a volunteer in Trochu, Alberta. Throughout my volunteer years, I took my 1001 training as individual courses spanning a few years until I achieved full accreditations. Currently, I endeavour to continue to further my education at any opportunity. In 2008 I was hired by Rocky View County as a part time firefighter, hired full time in 2010, and as Captain in 2012.

Interest in being involved in the Local was driven by seeing the leaps and bounds in safety and quality of life achieved by previous executives, seeing a need for my skill set and wanting to help. Being a part of the current executive has shown me not only challenges, but the successes that come with focus and organization. My goal in this position is to set a strong foundation that future leaders and executives can work from ensuring progress and betterment of my brothers, sisters and the Local.

Bill Wohl